• Dean Asquith

Black Angel: Issue 1 - Night Hawk Review

Writer: Yann

Art By: Henriet

Publisher: Europe Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹


It is the early 1920s. The Volstead Act has recently prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol, which means that an active black market has sprung up—a market controlled by legendary gangsters such as Al Capone. Supplies must be secretly shipped from France to its outpost in Saint-Pierre, Newfoundland. This dangerous and illegal trade involves aviators flying primitive sea planes—aviators such as Bessie the “Black Angel,” whose mixed heritage also makes her the target of the flourishing Ku Klux Klan. Based on the historical figure of Bessie Coleman, she flies in the face of injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.

My Opinion

This is the start of what promises to be an incredibly interesting read with a huge degree of relevance in regards to the current goings on in the world. The story follows the journey of Bessie as she is targeted by the villainous Ku Klux Klan.

The writer Yann delivers a great introduction to this series and sets up the future storyline through brilliant character development and flashbacks. We start to get to know Bessie as an exceptional pilot and uncontainable person. I get the feeling that ‘no’ is not a word that appears in her vocabulary. The first example of that is her riding of an unrideable and aggressive horse. She’s told it can’t be done, she does it. That seems to be the leading character trait. I am excited to see her develop and see if she can apply that attitude with more dire situations including the KKK and Al Capone.

The art in this issue is superb, I really adored the way the snowy scenes were presented to us. The character designs and presentation are expertly done. Soon we will meet more characters that i’m sure will be as brilliantly done as those in this first issue.

The story is wide open as this is the introductory issue, so it’s not clear on the direction the story will take. I really am looking forward to the next issue on what promises to be a fantastic run.

“The radiator’s got more holes in than a sieve! It’s a miracle I got back home in one piece!” - Bessie

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