• Dean Asquith

Coming to Kickstarter soon…Pilgrim’s Dirge!

A defector trying to return to his family fights for survival on a frozen Earth after a cataclysm manifests aliens and ancient secrets.

C.O.R.E. (Celestial Orbit Reparation Effort) returned to Earth after the cataclysm to eradicate an alien race. Orin Daniels was among those soldiers. He now fights for survival, trying desperately to return to his family, but C.O.R.E. is on his trail.

Pilgrim's Dirge is a science fiction adventure in a post-apocalyptic solar system. The cataclysm awoke an ancient evil whose return threatens not just Earth, but all existence. Orin must band together with unbeforeseen alien races to eliminate this threat and save the galaxy. If Orin thought Earth was a chilling place, he has no idea what awaits in the dark of space.

Kickstarter link: www.PilgrimsDirge.com

Here’s a little bit about the creative team.

Toben Racicot - writer/letterer - Toben is a writer and letterer. He’s worked on a variety of indie comics like Beastlands, Sidequest, Gimmick, and the Bite of Brenna Barlow. He studies Role-Playing Games and Collaborative Worldbuilding at the University of Waterloo. He dreamt of being an aerospace engineer before failing high school Physics.

Matteo Leoni - Artist - Matteo Leoni was born in Italy in 1992.

After attending the School of Comics in Rome, where he learned the craft of telling stories through sequential art, he worked for Italian publishers including ManFont, Edzioni Segni D’autore and Wanderer Autoproduzioni. In 2020, Matteo made his American comic book illustration debut with Titanium: Blade, an American/Manga series released by Evoluzione Publishing. At the same time starts to work on Cherry Gilbert: Necromancer, a graphic novel written by Vita Ayala and Pat Shand and released by SpaceBetween Entertainment

Martina Bonanni - Colourist - Martina aka Kaili, is a freelance Illustrator and Digital Colorist from Italy. She learned digital coloring seven years, but hone her technique with the various schools. At the moment, she colors The Last Bacchae, which aims to present Greek Mythology in a modern and eclectic way, Sidequest, and previously Samsara.

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