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Dark Treasure Hunting Mystery 'Kowloon High-School Chronicle' Confirmed for Physical Western Release

Beautifully remastered, localised and delivered to European JRPG fans for the first time.

PQube and Arc System Works have announced classic dungeon crawling JRPG Kowloon High-School Chronicle will be coming to Europe on Nintendo Switch as both a physical and digital title later this year! Kowloon High-School Chronicle was initially released as a Japanese exclusive on the PlayStation 2, following which it amassed a loyal cult following over the years, spurring its upcoming localisation and physical release in the West. Combining gameplay and mechanics from multiple genres, Kowloon High-School Chronicle is an entirely unique experience featuring elements of both traditional RPG and first-person dungeon crawling adventure. Check out the Kowloon High-School Chronicle trailer:

Exclusive Boxed Edition Kowloon High-School Chronicle will be available to players in a physical Limited Edition box exclusively through our partners at Funstock. Reminiscent of it's original PlayStation 2 format, the boxed version will contain a Nintendo Switch game box and cartridge, as well as a collectable box featuring the games' cover art. Full contents of the box are TBC, and standard boxed versions of Kowloon High-School Chronicle will also be available from select retailers (further details TBC). Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch Limited Editions go live from today! Pre-Order Now JRPG With a Twist Utilising the unique emotions system, talk with your fellow classmates and navigate life as high school student with complex relationships and interactions by selected from one of nine different emotions.

Joy, love, anger, sadness and more will determine the tone of your responses, influencing how other characters will respond to you throughout the game. Dungeon Crawling In the evening, abandon your normal life as a student and take on the guise of treasure hunter. Explore complex ruins solving puzzles, battling creatures and avoiding traps as you search for ancient relics. With turn based combat, utilise Kowloon's Action Point system that allows you to move around and attack until the points are depleted. Collect items, craft and solve puzzles to clear each dungeon and collect artifacts.

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