• Dean Asquith

DCeased Review

Writers: Tom Taylor

Art By: Trevor Hairsine & Stefano Gaudiano

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


What happens to the World’s Finest if the world ends? With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation? Fighting time, each other and all of humanity, Earth’s greatest heroes must rally together for what may very well be their last chance to save the world from the most terrible plague humanity has ever seen. The Anti-Life Equation has been released and is ravaging the world at the viral speed of social media. Once exposed, victims lose their minds, violently attacking all around them. The heroes of Earth are fighting a losing battle to save the world...and themselves! Collects DCEASED issues #1-6 and DCEASED: A GOOD DAY TO DIE #1.

My Opinion

DCeased is superheroes meets The walking dead … What could go wrong? In all honesty, not a lot. Tom Taylor once again proves why he is currently my favourite comic book writer. Tom delivers a masterpiece in this run. One of my favourite things about Tom’s writing is how he portrays Green Arrow, this is shown in the opening pages with the first thing leaving Green Arrow’s mouth being an expertly delivered sarcastic remark.

Reading about my favourite characters being decimated by the very people they have sworn to protect is a twisted kind of story...A story that i can really get behind. Even Green Arrow survived the initial assault and I was so surprised, like jaws hit the floor surprised! I’m not going to give any more spoilers but i needed to make sure that i told readers that Tom Taylor hasn’t decimated Green Arrow. Tom writes GA incredibly so it’s amazing to continue to read the story with him in it.

This is the first time I have read anything with art by Stefano Gaudiano and Trevor Hairsine and I will say that it is divine. To me, it seems quite old school in its nature boosted by modern elements and of course beautifully crafted, horrifying undead creatures with clearly distinguishable symbols of the fallen heroes that even the walking dead would be proud of!

This story is full of shocks, twists and devastating moments. Tom delivers one the most memorable stories of recent times. DCeased is a brilliant addition to any collection so take it from me when I say, get the hardcover collection and treasure it. Also, make sure you grab it when the zombie apocalypse happens, it might have some hints!

“Yeah...It would probably be easier for him to speak if Superman hadn’t just broken his mouth” - Green Arrow

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