• Dean Asquith

Djinn Hunter - Issue 1 Review

Updated: Jun 22

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Art: Fabrizio Cosentino

Colours: Fabrizio Cosentino

Letters: Fabrizio Cosentino

Editor: Dimitrios Zaharakis

Script Editor: Cynna Ael

Publisher: Black Box Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


The cosmos are in chaos! The elder council of djinn must stop their rogue member, Abyss and his minions from granting wishes to mortals resulting in untold horrors. The council's solution is an early prison release for Zara, the Djinn Hunter. With her phoenix parole officer, Bennu, will she hunt down the mad djinn or doom the realms to destruction?

My Opinion

WOW! What a magical kick off to one of my most hotly anticipated comics this year so far! I’ve been on a bit of a Jay Sandlin reading and reviewing marathon of late and that is testament to the phenomenal work he and the creative teams are putting forward. Djinn Hunter continues that run with such incredible vigour!

From the first panel there is a huge sense of magical mystery that envelopes the pages. I won’t give much away as I really want you to enjoy the mystical hit that I got when I first opened the pages. Entered into a dimension of magic, wishes, destruction and mystical beings, the journey begins. A journey of redemption, ferocity and massacres. Jay has created a world with this comic, a world that is ever changing and expanding, adding terrifying creatures and all powerful beings alike. Jay, in one issue, packs so much story in that I am now gripped and fully invested in continuing the series! There is just enough background story included to fill readers with intrigue and so many angles of the main storyline that make you wonder where the comic will head off to next.

The artwork, colours and lettering are all exceptional. This is my first time enjoying the artistic talents of Fabrizio Cosentino and it will certainly not be my last. The base drawing is absolutely captivating with stunning character designs and exceptional eye for detail. Every panel is stuffed to the borders with beautifully bright coloured panels that entice you in and marry themselves to Jay’s storytelling with gorgeous synchronicity. Fabrizio handled all aspects of the artwork in this comic and that always impresses me (by no means any disrespect to multi-artist teams). I especially enjoyed the speech bubbles from each elemental elder djinn. Each one was tuned to the element of which that elder djinn controlled and it’s this eye for detail that shows just how good this series is going to be.

In all honesty I cannot fault this comic. There is nothing I would change, each panel is so beautifully designed and compliments the exceptionally interesting story that is developing with each panel. Djinn Hunter is likely to be at the top of so many reading lists for the entire run of the series. I know it will certainly be competing for the top spot of mine!

“I swear on my power, the realms will burn to ashes before I hand her over to you. Her security is non-negotiable.” - Magehound Zara

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