• Dean Asquith

Exploring Gotham City Review

Writers: Matthew K. Manning

Art By: Studio Muti

Publisher: Insight Editions

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


Explore Gotham City, home of the mysterious crime fighter the Batman! From the depths of the Batcave to Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, and beyond, these pages take you on a fully illustrated journey through the crime-riddled city. Inside you'll learn all about Gotham City's shadowy history, encounter infamous villains from The Joker to the Penguin, and find out what Batman, Robin, and other heroes are doing to stop them.

My Opinion

Possibly one of the most beautiful books i’ve ever possessed. Studio Muti have done a stupendous job of conveying the feelings of each area of Gotham City. A beautiful tour of a city that we all know and adore.

Stunning visuals add to what is a brilliantly presented and entertaining view of Gotham and its areas of interest through expertly delivered descriptions. The whole book reads like a travel guide to the city. Matthew K. Manning has packed this book full of incredible facts, like for example, did you know that the Batcave is home to a Bat Cow? I certainly didn’t. Each page of the book bristles with knowledge to be absorbed and I for one feel like an honorary resident of Gotham!

As you exploring this book, be sure to anazlye each page, there are plenty of seccrets hidden amongst the artistry throughout. From the Batman Who Laughs to henchman crushed under a giant penny!

This book from the wonderful Insight Editions oozes comic book fact and lore and surronds you in the background information of so many of gothams seedy and heroic residents. Don’t miss out on what I consider to be a must have for all DC Comics fans and most certainly for all Batman fans.

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