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Fiendish & Haunting Puzzle Platformer Evergate Fully Optimised For Xbox Series X Launch!

"Welcome back to the Afterlife, Ki. Let's get you to the Evergate, and back to Earth"

Today, PQube and developer Stone Lantern Games are spirited to confirm that precision puzzle-platformer Evergate is set to be fully optimised for the next generation, and launching Day 1 on Xbox Series X!

Last week, Xbox announced a line-up of 30 launch titles for it's next generation platform this November, in which Evergate stands out amongst a small minority of new releases coming to the console for the first time. Critically acclaimed following its September 2020 launch on PC and Nintendo Switch, the 2D puzzle platformer will be fully optimised to take advantage of the new systems' massive power, delivering 4k graphics and 60fps alongside it's stunning visuals, enchanting story and addictive gameplay. Check out the latest trailer: https://youtu.be/_xaNzb7ypNk

See what media outlets are saying about Evergate's Steam & Nintendo Switch release:

Nintendo Life "An essential purchase for puzzle/platforming fans" 9/10

Gamespot "Inventive puzzling, constantly surprises with new mechanics" 8/10

Bonus Stage "The level designs are fiendishly clever" 9/10

Take control of Evergate's unique align-to-shoot mechanic, the Soulflame, and help the child-like soul "Ki" navigate the hauntingly beautiful afterlife in 85 challenging stages. Aim and fire the Soulflame at crystals dotted around each environment. Harness their extraordinary powers to progress through the game and unravel the mysterious connection between two kindred spirits.

Evergate will be available on Xbox Series X from launch on November 10, 2020!

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