• Dean Asquith

Gravity Heroes Review

Developers: PQube Games

Systems: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One & PS4

Overall Rating: 🏹🏹🏹


Gravity Heroes is a fast paced, chaotically beautiful 2D platform shooter. Take control of your character’s gravitational pull with the gravity shifter mechanic and fight hordes of robotic enemies on the ground, walls, or ceiling.

Fuelled by 80’s and 90’s nostalgia with an electrifying soundtrack and stylistically popping pixel art style, Gravity Heroes offers action-packed fun playing either by yourself or joined by up to three others locally.

My Opinion:

The latest platform shooter from PQube is a solid effort with a good degree of uniqueness in its gameplay. The principle idea of effecting the characters gravitational pull in order to move around the level and combat a varying array of opposition was very interesting.

Visually the game has an attractive, retro yet modern look that has fantastic colours and great animation. The characters have good designs, each with their own personality and style.

Audibly the game sounds ok, it’s not going to win awards for its dynamic, trend setting soundtrack but by no means is the game a horrible game to listen to.

The story is a generic fight the bad guys story that once again isn’t the deepest in the world but does the job required of it. It’ll provide a good background for the reasons you are carrying out the missions and it doesn't just leave you to your own devices.

Gameplay-wise the game is fairly unique, a side scrolling, platform shooter that has you bending gravity to your will, allowing you to attack enemies from all sides and allowing for maximum strategic thinking.

The controls for the game can be quite tricky to begin with, taking some time to get used to, but once you do, it becomes pretty second nature to bend gravity before bashing that shoot button.

Overall Gravity Heroes is a good game with plenty of good, unique features that will be a fun little game to kill some time.

Rating Breakdown:

Visuals: 4

Audio: 3

Story: 3

Gameplay: 4

Controls: 3

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