• Dean Asquith

Harley Quinn - Episode 2 Review

Production: DC Universe

Starring: Kaley Couco as Harley, Alan Tudyk as Joker, Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, James Adomian as Bane.

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 4 out of 5 🏹


In the latest episode of this series we see Harley continue venturing away from Joker and this time she crashes Penguin’s son’s Bar Mitzvah. Harley is desperate to earn the respect from the members of the legion of doom and comes up with a plan that no one else has managed to complete…Rob Gotham mint. Unfortunately for Harley the ‘Gotham mint’ that she attempts to rob is a scene set up by Joker for his son to complete his first caper. This

results in Harley crippling an improv group and stealing nothing but ‘Joshua Bucks’. After ruining everything Penguin captures Harley and she is once again tormented by Joker. Be sure to watch the episode to see how it all plays out.

My Opinion

I loved this episode. Whilst not as hilariously funny as the first episode, Kaley Cuoco once again proved that she is the perfect choice for Harley. It is fantastic to see Harley & Ivy’s relationship growing. The use of others villains is fantastic, Bane, Scarecrow and the hilariously D lister villain Kite Man provide immense comedy away from the one liners of Harley and Ivy.

Into the second episode now I adore the ‘real world’ feel of the series. Simple things like pre booking your meal for an event or the morning chat around the coffee machine in the legion of boom headquarters ensure that this series stands alone in not only the animated world but the world of comic book media as a whole.

A beautifully crafted script and impressive voice talent continue to keep Harry Quinn firmly at the top of my must watch TV series right now!

There is nothing quite like Harley Quinn out right now. Long may she reign.

“I’m going to blow up this Bar Mitzvah” - Bane

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