• Dean Asquith

Icarus Review

Writer: Gregory A. Wilson

Art By: Áthila Fabbio

Publisher: Atthis Arts

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


The Icarus graphic novel, Book 1 in The Longest Fall series, is a story about two unlikely heroes: a winged young man who falls into a dormant volcano with no memory of anything but his name, and a flamepetal prospector down on his luck (and everything else), with his two-tailed, four-legged, lava resistant companion, Rig. Together, they must discover the secret of Icarus’ identity if they are to save their worlds from those who want his powers for themselves. We are proud to present this story of wonder, of friendship, and of a battle to overcome tyranny, with creatures who discover that what unites them at the core is more important than what divides them on the surface.

My Opinion

Paraphrasing from Jellinek, Entrances, I tell you. That writer knew how to make an entrance. Gregory A. Wilson takes us on a fiery ride through an alternate telling of the Icarus myth from the times of ancient Greece. Packing it full of magic and monsters, we are carried into the world of Vol, journeying with a winged mystery man, a man who is essentially a scavenger and a demon dog with horns…

Being a lover of greek mythology I was drawn to the name of the comic, then I read the plot. I was initially quite worried, the myths themselves are so beautifully presented, I was worried that any variation on it would be harmful to the majesty of the original. I was wrong. Gregory has developed an intriguing, modernised, dystopian like version of the story of Icarus and I am ecstatic about being on this journey with him.

The beautifully crafted art is a joy to behold. Áthila Fabbio has done an extraordinary job of conveying the story through imagery, bringing the characters to life and perfectly displaying the words of Gregory through character features and emotional displays.

It was a great pleasure reading this story that was reminiscent of a lord of the rings type rag tag group of unlikely heroes on a journey to stop the bad guy. A fantastic nod to the original mythology, Gregory, Áthila and co deliver a fast paced, twisty and action packed opening to what is now, for me, an eagerly awaited series ‘The Longest Fall’.

“Entrances, I tell you. That kid sure knew how to make an entrance!” - Jellinek

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