• Dean Asquith

Inhuman Review

Writer: Denis Bajram & Valerie Mangin

Art By: Rochebrune

Publisher: Europe Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


A small exploratory vessel crashes onto an unknown ocean planet after its crew is seized by a sudden madness. After escaping their sinking ship, the five survivors are helped to the surface by giant squid-like creatures who guide them to what appears to be the planet’s only island. To their surprise, they are greeted on the shore by primitive humans, who prove to be welcoming despite their cannibalistic rituals. But their fixed smiles and total docility suggest that something more sinister is going on. Are the castaways doomed to join them in submitting to the will of the mysterious Great One?

My Opinion

This book is different. Very different.

I had a great time reading, not only did it keep me guessing but it made me question human nature and the elements of control over our life that are abundant in society currently. It is most definitely the right time to read this. I believe the current effects of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns shaped this story into a psychological horror of sorts. The idea of control from ultimate powers to prevent future possibilities from taking place hit home hard with me.

Denis Bajram and Valerie Mangin take us a mysterious adventure through a remote island civilisation on another planet, beautifully crafting each section of the stories to focus our minds on each separate environment discovered, some may say its mind control… that joke only works if you’ve read Inhuman, so read it then you can laugh with me! Rochebrune creates an absolute visual feast to accompany us on our journey, nailing each aspect of the book brilliantly.

I really do hope that we get a follow up, there was a brilliant ending that screams out for a continuation. Please please, give this a go, if you enjoy science fiction, then you’ll love this.

“We have to accept that we’re stranded here now. Probably Forever.” - Tafseer

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