• Dean Asquith

Justice League - Doom Review

Director:: Lauren Montgomery

Starring: Kevin Conroy as Batman, Timothy Daly as Superman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, Michael Rosenbaum as Flash.

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹


Based on the Justice League graphic novel ‘Tower of Babel’ the justice league have been targeted by supervillain Vandal Savage after he steals Batman’s contingency plans using the skills of Mirror Master.

The story begins with Batman chasing down a gang of villains bearing a remarkable resemblance to a deck of cards. After alerting the justice league, Batman being Batman goes in alone. I won’t go into it too much because you should watch for yourself.

Later into the movie we discover that Vandal Savage has a plan to destroy the world and recreate it into his own image rand ruled by himself. In order to do this Savage enlists the help of a selection of villains, each with a nemesis in the justice league. Bane, Cheetah, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, Metallo and Vandal Savage become the Legion of Doom and set out to destroy the JLA and take over the world!

I'm not saying anymore! Watch and find out for yourself!

My Opinion

My short opinion is that if you have read and enjoyed the Tower of Babel then more than likely you will enjoy this movie.

For myself, reading Tower of Babel first definitely made sense. I understood the wider story that wasn't packed into this movie. The graphic novel has a more in depth look at the plans that batman had made but that's understandable. This movie lasts just long enough to make sure you have enough information but you could still read the novel and be pleasantly surprised still.

The look and feel of the movie is great and the voice acting is fantastic. My personal highlight was Batman's one liners.

Overall I found this animated effort is greatly enjoyable. Tower of Babel is one of my favourite DC Comics stories and Justice League Doom does right by the source material. I don't believe this will go down in history as a classic but in all honesty I think it is a must for your animated movie collection.

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