• Dean Asquith

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Vol. 2

Writers: Kyle Higgins & Steve Orlando

Art By: Corin Howell, Hendry Prasetya & Thony Silas

Publisher: Boom Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


As Rita enacts her plans for world domination, the Rangers are left powerless and without Zordon to call on. This is the greatest threat they have ever faced and the world hangs in the balance. Enter the age of the Black Dragon from writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, Batman Beyond 2.0) and artist Hendry Prasetya (Power Girl). Continue the adventure with the untold origin of the Green Ranger with art by Thony Silas (Batman Beyond 2.0), and the continuing adventures of Bulk and Skull from Steve Orlando (Supergirl) and Corin Howell (Bat-Mite). Collects issues #5-8.

My Opinion

Following on from the incredible Vol. 1, we catch up with the rangers just as Rita enacts yet another plan to conquer earth, this time she’s helped by the mysterious Black Dragon.

I adored the first Volume and I was excited to begin reading this follow on. To be honest, I immediately started on this after reading the final page of Vol. 1. The writers once again carry on their delivery of a superb story which will keep you on your toes and frantically trying to work out how the rangers will combat this latest threat.

I won’t go too deeply into it as this is a sequel volume and you need to have read the first in order to truly appreciate it. Artistically you will experience the same quality as in the first edition. Beautiful vibrant colours pitched against darker backgrounds. The emotions in this volume are palpable and I was definitely shocked in regards to how the rangers planned to get out of the mess without Zordon or Alpha.

Stay tuned for my review of Vol. 3 … Coming soon!

“I don’t know what you are or where you’re from, but you just wrecked our home … There’s not a chance in hell we’re surrendering!” - Red Ranger

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