• Dean Asquith

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Vol. 3

Writers: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Jon Lam & Hendry Prasetya

Publisher: Boom Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


The first new Mighty Morphin Power Ranger in 23 years makes his debut in the comic book epic that had the world asking: who is this mysterious new Power Ranger? From writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, Batman Beyond 2.0) and artists Hendry Prasetya (Power Girl) and Jonathan Lam (Gotham Academy) comes the shocking revelations that will rock the Power Rangers to their core! This collection also includes new stories from the Adventures of Bulk and Skull by Steve Orlando (Namesake, Supergirl) and Corin Howell (Transformers: Windblade, Bat-Mite). Collects issues #9-12.

My Opinion

This series continues to go from strength to strength. In this volume we continue our journey of following the rangers in their mission to defeat Lord Drakkon and Rita Repulsa. With the Rangers still without access to the morphin grid, they must come up with a way to regain their powers.

This volume brings us continued fantastic writing from the brilliant Kyle Higgins and beautiful art by Jon Lam and Hendry Prasetya. They all continue to embody the feel of power rangers all the while keeping the story gritty, interesting and dark. This was more of a filler volume for me, a necessary one though as it’s all about to go crazy in the next volume. We see the story built brick by brick, steadily preparing us for what is to come. And what’s to come is truly special. This is still a must read in order to maintain the story and answer questions that have arisen thus far. Stay with us whilst we read this impeccable Power Rangers run. I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

“Two Zords, Three Zords … It makes no difference. I’ll break each of you and take them back for myself.” - Black Dragon

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