• Dean Asquith

Neverland Annual - Dark Alliance Review

Writer: Jay Sandlin

Art: Cem Dayioglu, Hakan Aydin & Alessio Mariani

Colours: Leonardo Paciarotti

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


Neverland is a realm filled with terror and gripping action and adventure, whether it is vicious pirate battles in flying ships or whole islands filled with giant, man-eating, killer crocs. One person, Nathan Cross, knows these horrors too well. Haunted since childhood by this cursed land, he thought he had escaped these nightmares, but now, back in the place he never wanted to see again, he is searching for a way to save someone he cares about.

My Opinion

The story of Peter Pan but not as you know it. In this story, roles are reversed. Pan is the bad guy and Hook is the hero, in this comic alongside Belle (Tinkerbell), Lilly (Princess Tiger Lily) and others.

Jay Sandlin is a fantastic writer and in an instant he pulls you back into the world of Neverland and straight into the action. Nathan Cross is a fantastic hero, and this is testament to Jay’s writing. This story fills you with a sense of impending doom, the atmosphere around Neverland has the aura of being on a knife’s edge and that one moment could be cataclysmic for the whole region!

The artwork throughout does not disappoint as we have grown to expect from any Zenescope release. The art is consistent throughout and even the massive battle panels have had as much detail and attention as the panels which are very minimal in terms of the amount taking place.

The best way to describe the entire comic is basically that Nathan returns to Neverland to find himself in the centre of an all out war for control between Pan’s lost boys and the Neverland Alliance. A war that Nathan must fight, if not for Neverland, for a close friend.

An all out action thrill ride of a comic that leaves nothing but destruction in its wake. Jay and the team have delivered a dark fairy tale adventure for the ages that’s begging to be made into an animated mini series! Make sure you check out, you will not be disappointed!

"Belle? Lily? What are you doing with these scale-heads? - Nathan Cross

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