• Dean Asquith

Nottingham Issue 3 Review

Writer: David Hazan

Art: Shane Connery Volk

Colours: Luca Romano

Letters: Joamette Gil

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


The Sheriff of Nottingham stalks a traitor through the darkened boughs of Sherwood Forest to Kirklee’s Abbey. The chase will bring Ev face to face with a troubling figure from his past. With the Nottingham Guard distracted, Hood and the Merry Men plot their next move.

My Opinion

Nottingham has been the hottest property in comics for me and is currently right at the top of my pull list. David Hazan and the team have developed a stunningly engaging story full of the original mythological magic and adapted it into a brand new version that everyone is sure to adore.

In issue 3 we are back amongst the rising tensions in Nottingham. We join the Sheriff and his soldiers on the hunt to find Allan. The journey takes us into the iconic Sherwood forest where we encounter a legendary character of the Robin Hood mythos. David has melded this issue with the story from previous issues impeccably, tying off a mystery in the Sheriff's backstory. I won’t say who the mystery character is, I'll let you read that for yourself but trust me on this, you will know the name.

At the end of the story we come closer to the Merry Men and we begin to learn of the involvement of Marian with them. These last panels set up what promises to be an explosive fourth issue with rippling effects throughout the whole series.

Shane & Luca once again compliment David’s fantastic writing with some truly unique and stunning visuals. The visual style of this entire series is absolutely phenomenal. The style allows for stunning emotional displays, deadly action and beautiful environments. Issue 3 makes no deviation from this style, representing Sherwood forest gorgeously, providing a dark and mysterious backdrop to the entire issue.

Continuing the success of the first 2 issues, Nottingham issue 3 is a story building masterpiece that has some masterfully executed character interactions and exquisite artwork that pave the way for some incredibly exciting upcoming issues that will change the way you view the Robin Hood story.

“What has you in such a state that you would ride into the forest so late at night?” - Hood

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