• Dean Asquith

Nottingham Issue 4 Review

Writer: David Hazan

Art: Shane Connery Volk

Colours: Luca Romano

Letters: Joamette Gil

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹


With its Sheriff still reeling from a recent loss, Nottingham hosts a grand tournament and Gisbourne is intent to use it to root out Hood and the Merry Men. Chaos and disaster follow, leaving Ev the only man standing between Nottingham’s nobility and certain doom… but do they really deserve to be saved?

My Opinion

Nottingham…Nottingham is the single best comic on the market presently. In my humble opinion, it can’t be beaten right now. Ever since issue 1, I have been absolutely hooked. The entire team does a phenomenal job of engaging me every single issue and in issue 4, they show no signs of slowing down.

This issue is titanic in stature. We finally get to see the merry men in a fully fledged, rampaging battle. We pick up the story as the great tournament approaches. The sheriff is reprimanded for his repeated failings and warned to prepare for the tournament with one month remaining. This is the calm before the storm as the remainder of the issue is full of ensuing chaos caused by the tournament and subsequently the merry men who are led by the mighty, towering, mountain of a man…Little John.

David keeps the story flowing with sheer excellence once again in a fluid, action packed issue. The excellent storytelling is abundant throughout the issue which is now something I have come to expect of David’s work. David’s immense storytelling is once again supported beautifully by the phenomenal work of Shane, Luca & Joamette. The art is somehow even more brutal in this issue than the previous, which is excellent in my eyes. I especially enjoyed Marian’s impact in the panels. My absolute favourite set of panels in the entire issue is the presentation of the tournament culminating in the now iconic Robin Hood moment of hitting a bullseye and then splitting the previous arrow. I really enjoyed the way the team integrated this into the tournament panels whilst building the tensions in the background.

I am absolutely 100% invested in this series and that will continue to the very end and past it still. The whole team combines to present one of the most all round, divine & gripping releases from any publisher in recent times. The finale of this series is gearing up to be a mammoth issue. I can’t wait.

“Some would call it a coward’s weapon, but not us! Here, in Nottingham we know better. I am of course, speaking of the pride of Nottingham, the archery tournament!” - Announcer

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