• Dean Asquith

Robyn Hood - Goldilocks Review

Writer: Joe Brusha

Art: Babisu Kourtis

Colours: Juan Manuel Rodriguez

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


All of Robyn’s skills are put to the test as she tries to survive Goldy’s carnival of terror. Not only does she have to defeat an endless string of murderous circus freaks, she also has to find the strength to face down her own inner demons if she plans to survive. 32-pages of twisted-action all packed into one book!

My Opinion

Robyn Hood is by far my favourite Zenescope character and one of my favourite characters in comics! Every comic that includes Robyn is a sure fire hit in my opinion. This comic is no exception.

Goldilocks pits Robyn against some of her worst nightmares, and mine. The most evil beings in the whole universe, maniacal villains who ensure nothing but your untimely and painful demise...CLOWNS! The most horrible, giant, disgustingly vile clowns I've ever seen! Right, time to move away from the grotesque creatures and discuss the comic…

Joe Brusha presents another classic Robyn Locksley story that is 100% action packed but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in story. Throughout the comic we are treated to moments from Robyn’s childhood which show us her relationship with her mother and potentially an example of where Robyn gets her willpower and fight from. These flashbacks are heartfelt and emotional, they add an aspect of depth to Robyn that I haven’t personally seen before.

The story is an action orientated issue full of impressively drawn and coloured panels that ooze your classic Robyn action but also incredible horror scenes and moments of terror which is down to the crazy opponents Robyn has to face. The conductor of the onslaught being Goldilocks, who has never had anyone escape her fun house! Babisu Kourtis and Juan Manuel Rodriguez provide stunning visuals to accompany Joe Brusha’s story. My particular high point of the comic in terms of art is unfortunately...the clowns. Testament to the artist's work is the popping colours, terrifying faces and intimidating size.

If you love Robyn as much as I do then this story is an absolute must. You will see Robyn in new lights, on the back foot and fighting for her life. There is also a mysterious moment to watch out for that maybe sets up future stories! An absolute action packed fun house of a comic!

“I’m done running from my nightmares...It’s way past time I put them to bed.” - Robyn Hood

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