• Dean Asquith

Robyn Hood - Voodoo Dawn Review

Writer: Joe Brusha

Art: Alessandro Uezui

Colours: Juan Manuel Rodriguez

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


Dark Magic and evil rituals are two things Robyn's life knows almost too well, and this time won't be any different. Something deadly is coming for our favourite vigilante-archer, and Robyn is going to be in a fight for her soul when she takes on the mysterious Voodoo priest, Zaka!

My Opinion

A bow and arrow vs voodoo magic, there shouldn’t be any competition really. Voodoo magic should win the day. If you believe that, you seriously underestimate Robyn Hood’s power and skill. Throw into the mix a powerful ally and all of a sudden it’s not a certain result!

I really enjoyed the beginning of this epic arc, which was Mystere - Voodoo Dawn. As I said in my review: “Mammoth magical battles and untold powers will get you reading panel after panel. Watch out for follow up issues full of bright art and a magical story.” I was right, thankfully! More magical mysteries and intense fights make this continuation of the Voodoo Dawn series a cemented feature in my readings.

Joe Brusha has developed a fantastic story that has got even better with the inclusion of Robyn (the best Zenescope character). Joe’s incredible writing ability is shown wonderfully in this epic comic through his ability to transition between characters and their independent personalities. You can tell the difference between the skilful and a bit cocky Robyn to the mysterious and mystical Mystere. The ability to separate the two between the panels is testament to Joe’s writing skill.

The art once again, as always with Zenescope comics, is phenomenal. The colours are bright and the details impeccable. I love the flow and vibrancy of the magic panels. The expressions on the face of the characters are so very descriptive and allow for an easy interpretation of the story through the artwork.

Voodoo Dawn is shaping up to be an epic of a series that gets better and better with each issue. Robyn Hood adds a touch of realism to the story by introducing the non magical archer into the fray...oh and zombies! Don’t miss out on another Zenescope hit! Start reading the Voodoo Dawn stories now! On a side note, Robyn Hood is swiftly becoming one of my favourite comic book characters!

“Sweety? Do not call me anything but Robyn or master.” - Robyn Hood

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