• Dean Asquith

The Deadliest Bouquet - Issue 1 Review

Writer: Erica Schultz

Art By: Carola Borelli

Colours: Gab Contreras

Publisher: Indie

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


The Deadliest Bouquet has murder, secrets, and family drama wrapped up in 1998. Three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother must come together to help solve their mother’s murder…and try not to kill each other in the process. Rose, Poppy, and Violet were all trained in the art of espionage and assassination by their mother, Jasmine. When they were old enough to survive on their own, Poppy and Violet left home, with Rose, the oldest and “responsible one” remaining to help Jasmine run the flower shop. When Jasmine is found murdered in an apparent botched robbery, Poppy and Violet return home to New Jersey to confront old demons, dig up buried secrets, and solve their mother’s murder. With the sisterhood and family drama of Charmed and the aesthetic of Singles, it’s grunge meets pop meets enthusiasm for the new millennium.

My Opinion

Straight out of a TV drama, that’s how i felt when inquisitively reading this captivating comic.

Erica has built a truly atmospheric story which includes comfortably giving each character ample time to show their personality to the reader. This is excellent news because all too often, I see characters not getting the depth of attention required to make you feel a connection with them. With this being issue one, Erica has made sure there is an understanding of each individual and their traits whilst at the same time building a solid mystery storyline around them, we also see individual background stories developing which do brilliantly not to overtake the main line story.

Carola Borelli and Gab Contreras have done a stellar job with the artwork in this comic. Carrying on with Erica’s individual character building, the artists give another depth of individuality to each of the characters, allowing a visual way of distinguishing them, keeping the mind focused on the story and not continuously trying to keep track of who is who. Beautifully executed modernising 90’s themes are extended throughout this issue, keeping itself true to it’s background.

I have had a wonderful time reading this issue, it has done a superb job of hyping the story up to make me extremely excited for more! Erica and the team should be very proud of what they are building here as it will most certainly be a must have for a lot of people. A mysterious story, enticing characters and beautiful artwork make sure that this will definitely stay on my radar for some time.

The kickstarter for the comic is launching on May 11th and will be looking for $20,000 to fund the 5 issue mini series and send it to print. Please, please, please back this kickstarter, the team have done such an outstanding job and it deserves success. Here is a pre-launch link:


“But i’m not burying another body in the backyard” - Poppy

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