• Dean Asquith

Van Helsing - Black Annis Review

Writer: Brian Hawkins

Art By: Vicente Cifuentes

Publisher: Zenescope

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹🏹


Run-ins with vampires, monsters, and all types of nightly creatures are almost as natural as breathing to the famed vampire hunter, Liesel Van Helsing. But something wicked is going after children in the five boroughs, and as Liesel’s personal life and nightly adventures are about to converge, she is soon to find out why centuries of children have feared the snatcher of souls, Black Annis!

My Opinion

If you're after a monster hunting bad-ass of a woman then this comic is for you. Liesel Van Helsing brings the hurt to a child abducting, life force siphoning, monstrous creature straight out of a nightmare.

This is my first time reading the works of Brian Hawkins and I have to say he is brilliant. Brian captures the inner turmoil of Liesel’s thoughts fantastically whilst delivering the outward display of heroics worthy of the name Van Helsing. The story is great and I followed Liesel’s thought patterns to a tea, right down to who she thought was a cause of the disappearances. Some fantastic emotional interactions and well delivered lines join forces to engross me into a story that I can really get behind.

Vicente has a real skill in matching the emotions of characters and the environment around them with beautiful art and truly hideous (in a good way) monsters. Honestly, I think Black Annis will be living in my nightmares now.

If you're looking for a monster hunting, a** kicking story with cool monsters and a superb hero then why not start here with the brilliant Van Helsing: Black Annis from Zenescope.

“I can’t let monsters into our life. I’ve done that before, and this has to be different. I need this to be different.” - Liesel

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