• Dean Asquith

Yojimbot - Metal Silence Part 1 Review

Writer: Sylvain Repos

Art: Sylvain Repos

Colours: Noiry

Publisher: Europe Comics

Reviewed By: Dean Asquith

My Rating: 🏹🏹🏹


In a dystopian not-too-distant future in Japan, Hiro lives with his father on an island populated by androids, where they eke out a meagre existence while trying to keep out of sight. But when they run afoul of a troop of high-tech military thugs, Hiro’s dad sacrifices himself to save his son, turning Hiro’s already-bleak world upside-down. He is then rescued by a samurai robot called a “yojimbot,” and together they seek to avenge his father’s death and make contact with a mysterious associate known only as the “rights holder,” before the soldiers and their drones close in…

My Opinion

Killer robots in a feudal Japanese style…what more could you want. Take an iRobot style journey through Japan and witness the unfolding of a both heart-breaking and heart-warming story from Sylvain Repos.

As the story began I wasn’t sure about whether I was going to enjoy it or not, I was really struggling with the lack of dialogue and the simple sounds to signify movement. But as I moved through the panels I realised that I understood the story without the need for dialogue. Sylvain, through his artistry, was able to convey the story superbly, each panel’s art was extremely descriptive and there was so much exquisite detail involved.

Once the dialogue began the story really kicked up a gear. Yojimbot’s discovery of a child allowed for the entry of the robotic laws. The robotic laws brought questions to my mind, who made the robots, why do they live alone, creating a life for themselves? There are some real bad guys that show up and all of a sudden the story takes a mysterious twist...Someone/something relaxes the robot laws and Yojimbot becomes autonomous, taking actions into its own hands! And boy does it take action. I won’t tell you what happens but honestly it’s shocking, I was in total agreement with the actions but it still shocked me.

This comic has multiple twists and turns with brilliant artistry and a mysterious story. This first part is a set up for the events to come in future parts and it does a fantastic job of that. The ending of the comic is a true cliff-hanger that leaves you wanting more and I'm super excited for part 2 which is coming soon from Europe Comics.

“Update from tower 04. Remote reboot, please wait…” - Unknown

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